Service and Spare Parts

As one of the leading manufacturers of regenerative heat exchangers, we see it as our constant duty to increase the efficiency of heat exchangers in air and flue gas paths in power plants and industrial plants. We use our experience to support customers in the inspection of their plants and in the cleaning, revision, maintenance, and modernization of various components in desulfurization and denitrification plants.




  • Full revisions of our own products and the products of third-parties
  • Leakage minimization using innovative sealing systems
  • Inspections, state and damage analyses incl. inspection planning
  • Disassembly and reassembly of spare/wearing parts and auxiliary units

Spare Parts


Supply of spare and wearing parts for all structural designs

  • Regenerative air preheaters
  • Regenerative gas/gas heat exchangers
  • Compact heat exchangers
  • ESP
  • Bag filters

We have more than 50 different heating element profiles.


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Rothemühle Products

ROTHEMÜHLE® Air Preheater

The Rothemühle heat exchanger differs from heat exchangers with rotating heating elements that the gases to be cooled down or warmed up are channelled through stationary heating elements.

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Air preheaters with rotating heating elements

Rothemühle heat exchangers with a rotating storage mass (heating elements) work in accordance with the counter-flow principle. They are marketed in bi-sector, tri-sector, and quad-sector designs. The most state-of-the-art coal-fired power stations in Europe are equipped with Rothemühle air preheaters.

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Gas Preheater

In the flue gas cleaning sector, Rothemühle heat exchangers are used as gas preheaters in low-dust denitrification (deNOx) plants and for flue gas desulfurization (deSOx) plants.

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LUGAT compact heat exchangers

The Rothemühle LUGAT compact heat exchanger is used for heat recovery in industrial combustors e.g. in refineries, steel production plants, paper mills, and the chemicals industry.

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Delta Wing®

Originally invented and made available by Balcke-Dürr for all kinds of industrial and energy-producing applications, the fascinating function of the DELTA WING® static mixing system is based on extensive stationary vortices that are generated on the leading edges of circular, elliptical, or delta-shaped plates.

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Electrostatic precipitators and bag filters

Rothemühle engineers have been dealing with the complex issues of electrostatic precipitators technology since 1951. To date, more than 700 systems have been successfully used in power plants, incinerators, steelworks, and cement/lime/cellulose factories in Europe, Asia, America, and Africa.

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About Us

History - Team - Careers

More than 80 years of environmental and energy technology

The history of our company started with the acquisition of a stove pipe factory in the village of Rothemühle, Germany, in 1936. The initial entry of Apparatebau Rothemühle Dr. Brandt & Co. in the local trade register is dated the 8th of January 1937. Right from the start, our engineers and specialists dedicated themselves to the planning and manufacture of heat exchangers and air/flue gas ducts for steam generators. In 1951, Apparatebau Rothemühle began constructing electrostatic precipitators. In 1953, the age of the Rothemühle air preheater with stationary heating elements and rotating hoods began. At the same time, Rothemühle participated in the founding of Brandt Engineering (Pty.) Ltd. in Johannesburg.

As early as 1962, license agreements were concluded with companies in Japan, France, Great Britain, and the US. In 1967, pioneering work was carried out on methods for the separation of sulfur dioxide and residual particulate matter from combustion waste gases. From the middle of the 1970s, the first rotor heat exchangers for industrial plants and refineries were available in the form of LUGAT compact heat exchangers. Since the 1980s, Rothemühle's delivery range has been enhanced by our deNOx and deSOx gas preheaters.

In the mid-1990s, Apparatebau Rothemühle was able to acquire the specialist filter company Walther & Cie AG, based in Cologne. At roughly the same time, we opened a Polish office in Warsaw, which is still responsible for the engineering and design of Rothemühle electrostatic precipitators today. In 1999, Apparatebau Rothemühle became part of the Belgian Hamon Group, but was then sold to Balcke-Dürr GmbH, based in Ratingen, Germany, in 2003. Following this change of ownership, the subsidiary in Rothemühle was able to further globalize and develop its business.

In 2004, Balcke-Dürr Wuxi Ltd. was founded in order to produce our own heating elements and coat them in a special enamelling facility for use in deSOx gas preheaters. In 2006, engineers in Rothemühle succeeded in planning and designing one of the largest ever air preheaters for a German hard coal power plant, with a diameter of 21 m and a rotating total weight of 1300 tons. Further systems in this size range followed for several new hard coal power plants in Germany and the Netherlands. When planning these new power plants, Rothemühle's engineers were also increasingly faced with the challenges of new environmental regulations. Due to their experience and reference projects, they were easily able to comply with the required clean gas dust content for every single supplied electrostatic precipitator. In June 2019, Balcke-Dürr Rothemühle GmbH was founded. Its core business is providing national and international service for all Rothemühle products as well as planning and setting up new regenerators and filters.


Andreas Walker Rund SW

Andreas Walker

General Manager


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Steffen Krutwig

Head of Service and Spare Parts


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