Electrostatic precipitators and bag filters

Rothemühle engineers have been dealing with the complex issues of electrostatic precipitator technology since 1951. To date, more than 700 systems have been successfully used in power plants, incinerators, steelworks, and cement/lime/cellulose factories in Europe, Asia, America, and Africa.

The efficiency of an electrostatic precipitator depends on a range of factors whose influence can only be assessed on the basis of experiences from realized plants. Having supplied filters for the most diverse of application scenarios, Rothemühle has extensive knowledge that we use to ensure a reliable design and an optimum dust extraction result.

All of the experience that Rothemühle has gathered in the construction of new plants is now also used to optimally design filter modernization solutions and plant extensions so that current challenges are mastered.

In addition to the theoretical basis for the design of an electrostatic precipitator, the special influences on separation power are assessed in accordance with our experiences, the application, and the customer's specifications. This includes evaluating the dust resistance, adherence, grain size, and distribution as well as the optimum sectioning of the separation zones.

When it comes to filter modernizations, we can sustainably improve separation power, efficiency, and availability and offer reliable guarantees even for plants that were not constructed by Rothemühle. We offer the services specified below to achieve this.

Here are some examples of future-oriented filter modernization services:


  • Optimization of high-voltage equipment and control technology
  • Optimization of inflow
  • Increase in electrical field and collection surfaces
  • Optimization of lane spacing
  • Optimization of electrodes
  • Optimization of field configuration
  • Retrofitting of electrostatic precipitator and conversion to a hybrid solution

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