Air preheaters with rotating heating elements

Rothemühle heat exchangers with rotating heating elements work in accordance with the counter-flow or Ljungström principle. They are marketed in bi-sector, tri-sector, and quad-sector designs. The most state-of-the-art coal-fired power stations in Europe are equipped with this type of Rothemühle air preheater. Due to the one-pass plant design, these have a rotor diameter of up to 21 m and a rotating total mass (consisting of the rotor and heating elements) of up to 1300 tons.

The rotor displacements resulting from temperature differences are offset with to-the-millimeter precision using electronically controlled sealing systems. This type of regulation is characterized by an ability to react quickly to load changes through adjustments in the flexible sealing systems. The fast response to changing operating conditions enables optimum performance to be achieved.

Moreover, state-of-the-art heating element profiles with an enamel coating on the cold end ensure optimum flue gas temperatures, which contribute to efficient plant operations.

Effective cleaning systems with constantly low pressure losses allow for long operating times and therefore stable plant operations.

Redundantly designed drive systems enable the reliable continuous operation of our plants and result in the highest possible availability.

All of the heat exchanger components controlled by our electrical technology are connected with the central control technology and enable the regulated operation of the entire plant from the control center. This ensures fast, targeted operations at all times.

All components are also available for older plants requiring retrofitting or modernization. We have already modernized more than 100 heat exchangers that did not originally come from Rothemühle.

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