LUGAT compact heat exchangers

The Rothemühle LUGAT compact heat exchanger is used for heat recovery in industrial combustors e.g. in refineries, steel production plants, paper mills, and the chemicals industry.

The recovery of the thermal energy contained in the flue gas brings about a significant saving in fuel costs. In addition, there are further advantages from the consequential CO22savings and the optimization of the operation of all retained system parts such as the flue gas cleaning systems.

The rotor heat exchanger, which works in accordance with the counter-flow principle, has a compact design with a horizontal or vertical shaft. The standard version has a starting diameter of 2 m and a top rotor diameter of 6.2 m.

The preassembly of the entire heat exchanger takes place at the production premises, enabling fast on-site assembly, usually in just a few days.

The heating element consists of 0.5-1.0-mm thick profiled elements. Thanks to their special shape, these ensure the lowest possible pressure loss alongside high heat exchange. 300-mm-high drawers are generally integrated on the cold side. If there is a risk of corrosion, these plates are made from special materials or given a permanent enamel coating.

The rotor is suspended using two spherical roller bearings. The bearing housings are water-cooled so that the influent heat can be safely dissipated.

As a rule, the rotor is driven by an electric gear motor. The power transmission takes place via a sprocket onto a bolt ring that is welded to the rotor.

To prevent the pressurized air from flowing into the flue gas, in smaller heat exchangers, the radial and circumferential walls are installed with elastic strips of stainless steel as sealing elements. Depending on the customer's requirements and the operating conditions, pneumatically or electrically driven sealing systems are also used.

Further components such as fire-extinguishing systems with a fire alarm or special washing devices can be installed in accordance with the customer's needs and working conditions.

If a compact heat exchanger that was not built by Rothemühle needs to be replaced, we would be happy to talk to you one-on-one about your specific options.

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