ROTHEMÜHLE® Air Preheater

This Rothemühle heat exchanger differs from heat exchangers with rotating heating elements that the gases to be cooled down or warmed up are channelled through the stationary heating elements. The gases are distributed by means of rotating covers that are positioned in identical structures on the top and bottom of the heat exchanger. Both rotating covers are connected by a central shaft and are suspended in the center of the stator.

Rothemühle heat exchangers work in accordance with the counter-flow principle. In the flue gas cleaning sector, Rothemühle heat exchangers are used as gas preheaters in low-dust denitrification (deNOx) plants and for flue gas desulfurization (deSOx) plants.

Rothemühle Wärmetauscher

We offer the optimization of the heating elements and air preheater for the retrofitting of high-dust denitrification plants. Further plant optimizations are possible and are formulated by us on a case-by-case basis.

Back in the early 1980s, it was already possible to design a 650 MW hard coal power plant in the Saarland as a single-pass heat exchanger thanks to the easily rotating mass of the hoods.

Increasingly high requirements regarding plant flexibility and efficiency optimization meant that, in constant dialogue with our customers, we were able to continuously improve our heating elements, sealing systems, and cleaning devices, and can now offer custom solutions for all plants that are in operation.

We're happy to advise you in the case of changing challenges for heat exchangers, e.g. a planned fuel change or increased requirements relating to heating power efficiency and leakages, as well as about topics relating to the flexibilization of the entire plant. Our new technologies ranging from sensor-controlled sealing systems to the optimization of the heating element configuration offer well tested solutions that have already been implemented in many plants.

Starting with a detailed inspection by our service engineers, we will use operating data to perform a recalculation and, based on that, create a concept for reengineering using our design. Thanks to specific Rothemühle know-how, the supply of the appropriate components, and our support for assembly and commissioning processes, we have been successfully offering plant modernization solutions to our customers for decades now.

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